Pasture has the potential to provide
1. The horses nutrition
2. A Safe exercise area
Potentials rarely achieved, often neglected

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Pasture Management

by Denis Lindsell
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Question asked by Ni on 07/02/10 18:58 - located Norfolk
How important is it to get rid of moss and how ?
Since the snow has gone and the days are getting slightly lighter I have noticed a BIG presence of moss in my field. I have noticed patches before however not to any great coverage. My field was left vacant for 18mths although in this time is was fertilized and cut regularly. How can I treat this issue please ?

Reply from Denisl at 08/02/10 08:33
Moss in itself is not necessarily a problem, more a symptom of less than ideal grass growth. I see from your comments about cutting and fertising your paddock when not in use, that you have been caring for it. However it would be worth having a soil sample done and tested for acidity and nutrients - moss tends to like acid conditions. Moss also likes compacted soil conditions so harrowing in the spring to let some air in would be beneficial.

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