Pasture has the potential to provide
1. The horses nutrition
2. A Safe exercise area
Potentials rarely achieved, often neglected

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Pasture Management

by Denis Lindsell
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Question asked by Sarah on 02/10/11 11:47 - located York
Poo management on smaller acreage
Can you suggest a low-maintenance approach to managing poo on an area of pasture measuring approximately 2 1/2 acres and grazed by 1 horse and 1 pony? With 2 small children poo-picking daily is diffiult, as is disposing of the muck. Would division of the paddock into 3 with short term rotation and harrowing in between to spread the poo be sufficient? Would the poo rot down quickly enough? And what is the best approach in winter when rotation is not really desirable as I'd prefer to keep poaching to a limited area? Thank you!

Reply from Denis at 26/10/11 13:30
There probably isn't a low management option- collecting droppings is time consuming. Harrowing has limited effect - the droppings don't rot down quickly enough unless you can have a very long rotation. However a combination of picking up some or most of the droppings and then harrowing may work for you. Some sort of ratation would be helpful to control grazing as I would expect your horse and poney would have more grass than they need at times. Personnaly I would go for strip grazing using electric fencing as it is more flexible and can control grazing more accurately according to grass growth. Winter time I would expect the animals to have all the paddock unless you want to keep them off an area that is particularly prone to poaching. Then as soon as possible, use the fencing to keep the animals off the poached area to enable you to repair the damage.

Reply from Charlotte at 22/09/13 17:30
We have a problem in that my horse\'s paddock buddy\'s owner has the disgusting habit of putting droppings in small piles around the edge of the paddock. There is a large manure heap but she is too lazy to walk the 50m to it. What can we do about this?

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